You're forgetting who you are



Can all gay people wear a rainbow bracelet so I don’t have to have an internal struggle every time I see someone attractive

this is actually one of the reasons I wear a rainbow bracelet…


Some Abby Wambach (XXXXX)


Seriously, an amazing cross from Kriegs.


Seriously, an amazing cross from Kriegs.


I am so over people thinking that Leis look like this: 


A lei takes hard time and vigorous work. We (Hawaiians) wake up at the crack of dawn to gather whats needed to make the lei that we want. It can take hours or days to make the leis and Hawaiian’s make leis with only good intentions and love because they believe that if you make a lei with malicious intent it will come out into the lei. There is many different ways to make leis and we also make leis from shells and feathers. It isn’t only Hawai’i that makes leis but throughout Polynesia fellow Polynesians make leis in their own style. 

To call the above image a lei is disrespectful to my culture and I want that shit to stop. That isn’t a lei, the images in the photoset are leis. 


Passive aggressive Ali.

Cause sometimes even she’s had enough. (x)


When I was in the hospital
I was roomed with a schizophrenic
And she was the most gentle person I have ever met
There was a boy with a long deep slit across his neck
Who told very funny jokes
A girl who never spoke a word
Would draw the most beautiful pictures
The boy who shook with anxiety
Could hold the most intelligent conversations
Even the girl who screamed in her sleep and picked at her skin
Had a heart the size of the ocean
We are not who you think we are


Get to Know Canada: The Provinces




Kayden’s first time experiencing rain (x)

Watch the video. So stinking cute!

Reblogging in hopes that you take a moment out of your day to appreciate these earnest reactions to something that often becomes nothing but an annoyance to many of us later in life. This was you once, this was me. Let’s get back to basics. <3333




Now that’s a class that we all could easily pass with flying colors